Voucher WATSU 90min.

Bringing back the feeling of floating in mother's womb is what one can experience in a WATSU session. 
A 'letting  go', moment of disconnecting from daily routines and rush. Calming down, tuning the nervous system. Highly  recommended for those with sleep disorders, anxiety and for tension releasing.

WATSU is used both as a therapy and relaxation treatment in which the giver is following the needs and movements of the receiver. It is a non-verbal communication between the two. Sessions lasts for 30 minutes or 1h+ during which your body and mind is floating in warm water, spine doesn't compensate the gravity, water resistance and sequence of stretches balances the inner energy flow. Floating in carrying arms and disappearing in loving environment. 

Come yourself or offer for those you care about.

Duration: 90 min
Voucher valid for 6 months from the day of purchase.

Price does not include entry to the pool. 

90,00 € 90.0 EUR 90,00 € Inklusive MwSt.

90,00 € Inklusive MwSt.

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